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A Compassionate Guide to Midlife

Realise your most magnificent self

Meet Pam

Holistic Nutritional Therapist, Mindset & Wellbeing Coach

Originally from Glasgow, Pam Clark lives in Worcestershire in the UK with her family and a growing gaggle of animals.


A Palliative Care (Hospice) Nurse by background Pam re-trained in Nutritional Therapy following the death of her Mum, to meet people earlier in their health journey and bring compassion, empathy and a wee dod of humour to the world of avocados and head-gremlins. 


Recognising that stress is a major component for many clients Pam trained as a HeartMath Coach and uses these techniques to support clients to build resilience, improve energy and create clarity. Pam later added Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to her clinical tool-kit, in order to resolve trauma, dispel mis-held beliefs and reduce or minimise long term stress. 


Pam is particularly passionate about optimising mental health and wellbeing as we navigate the glorious mid-life mash-up – as that’s the sea she’s swimming in.


Pam offers a unique approach to supporting Women in midlife that isn’t solely relying on wine, grit, a prescription pad and pretending that all is well.


Passionately believing that there is not just one solution, or one pill for an ill, Pam offers a wider, more inclusive approach offers a myriad of opportunities for Women to develop a curiosity-driven, explorative approach in creating a wealth of health and well-being in a way that feels true to them.


Together we can....

Reduce  overwhelm and anxiety

Navigate the food maze

Balance energy and optimise sleep

Prioritise self-care and compassion

Create a life you love

Image by Emma Simpson

The Journey of a thousand miles begins with just one step

Lao Tzu

Loving working with Pam - she is so supportive and adaptive and can really read what is going on and adjust everything accordingly!
Seeing progress, slowly but surely, but it's important to see that slow progress because then I know it sticks!

- Elizabeth

Focusing on nutrition with Pam was a game-changer. It helped identify the issue and more importantly mapped a route back to being a functional me! As well as solving the core issue, I learned a lot about nutrition, sleep, self-care and developed a better routine that has made such a difference to my general well-being.

Throughout all of this Pam was an inspiration - I felt that she was genuinely interested and really professional and yet considerate, funny, supportive and super insightful. It has been life changing!

- Helen

Have really enjoyed working with Pam and can really feel the benefits.
I have a greater understanding of what I'm putting into my body and the negative/positive effects it can have on my energy levels and overall well being.
I am feeling so energised and have a much more positive outlook.

- Sophie

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