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Corporate Wellness

Holistic Nutritionist and Well-being Coach

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Corporate Wellness 

Pam offers a wide range of corporate wellness support packages; tailored to meet the individual needs of the business. These include:


Eating for Energy: An overview of the impact of Nutrition on our energy peaks and troughs. Pam shares how to wave good-bye to the afternoon slump and optimise energy across the day.


Gut Health:

Uncomfortable, embarrassing gut health issues impact on everything from mood, sleep, focus and work performance. In this session Pam offers her top tips on beating the bloat.


Hormone Harmony:

An empowering session on understanding the wonderful orchestra of hormones and impact on our mood, weight, sleep and mental agility. A special focus on navigating the Peri-menopause. Creating A Wealth of Health in the Workplace


Beat the Blues:

How we eat, move, sleep and think impacts our mood more than we realise. In this session Pam invites us to reflect on how we can positively impact our mental health through the power of the fork!


Weight Loss Wonder:

A focused session on metabolic health and the core habits we can create to optimise our health and improve our body composition, with compassionate care for ourselves.


Sweet Dreams:

In this session Pam deep-dives into the power of sleep on health and well-being. Offering a range of valuable insights to ensure quality sleep, this is a powerful session for all stages in life.


Optimising Performance:

In this session Pam shares research from the HeartMath Institute and offers insight into practices that can powerfully impact our resilience, focus, stress response and overall well-being. An interactive session where recipients can actively use the HeartMath techniques. This session can be offered in isolation but works well as a trio of events where Pam can share the suite of transformational HeartMath Resilience building tools.


Stress Solutions:

An introduction to the power of the mind and the impact EFT (Tapping) can have on shifting negative focus, overwhelm and distress into a calmer, more resourceful state. Another experiential session where recipients will be able to access the tools directly.

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